Why CEG?

Seasoned professionals delivering exceptional results…

Results and experience matter. CEG’s professional and experienced staff, robust processes and proven systems have been delivering unparalleled results for over 18 years to hundreds of clients.

Consider the following:

  • CEG’s one-time invoice expenditure audit typically recovers up to 17% of a business’s annual telecom spend.

  • CEG’s asset optimization service reduces annual telecom costs by an average of 21% through the identification and removal of unneeded and underutilized telecom assets.

  • CEG’s procurement service prevents businesses from overspending for a wide range of services and equipment by an estimated 29%.

  • CEG’s help desk staff resolves 84% of tickets on a first call basis with a 97% customer satisfaction rate and does so with a caring, professional and focused approach.

Contact a CEG representative to let us help your business by recovering overcharges, reducing expenses, integrating innovative technological solutions and maintaining your telecommunication environment.