Our Journey

Serving clients with integrity for over 22 years...


Our history and related milestones…


In August of 1997, brothers Chris and Philip Nearing founded Communication Expense Group (CEG). Prior to starting CEG, the partners had 35 years of combined telecommunication experience in the technical, billing, procurement, and sales management fields for AT&T and Qwest Communications (now Century Link).

Through their work experience, the partners understood the reality that many businesses were being overcharged for telecommunication services and that few of those businesses had the expertise, tools and available resources to address the problem.

With a genuine interest in helping businesses gain control over their telecommunication costs, CEG began serving its clients by auditing telecommunication billing records and recovering overcharges resulting from incorrectly billed invoices.


CEG performs an invoice expenditure audit for its first Fortune 500 client, Qwest Communications (now Century Link). This audit is unique in that it was performed on behalf of a major telecommunication company for services purchased from other major telecommunication companies (known as inter-carrier services).

The insight gained from auditing Qwest’s inter-carrier billing records provided CEG with unparalleled experience into the billing platforms of virtually every major telecommunication provider such as AT&T, Level 3, Sprint, and Verizon. The institutional knowledge gained from this experience was leveraged by CEG to conduct future audits with greater complexity and unmatched audit results.


CEG launches its second service offering designed to control telecom costs by managing the telecom asset procurement and invoice analysis processes.


CEG develops proprietary software that automates the invoice billing error detection process.


CEG begins offering a comprehensive solution that manages the design, procurement, installation and maintenance of telecommunication services and equipment.


CEG creates a U. S. based dedicated support call center to assist clients with processing new orders, making changes to existing services, and providing technical and troubleshooting assistance for a wide range of telecommunication services.


CEG seeks IS0 9000 certification and refines internal systems and processes to more efficiently service CEG clients.